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So You're Thinking About In-Office Dispensing?

We design a dispensing program that addresses your specific medication needs. No office is too small and no clinic is too large to participate, as we cater to the healthcare industry as a whole. Our web based dispensing software creates total accountability and reconciliation to ensure total compliance. With over 10 years serving the healthcare industry, we know our business. Providing our clients with reliable and dependable service is critical to our success. We provide dispensing models for facilities that specialize in work comp, non-work comp, adjudication, and cash & carry practices.

Dispensing program creates five major benefits:

  • Dramatically increase patient medication compliance and convenience
  • Enhance the efficiencies of your practice by reducing on average 5.5 hours of daily pharmacy requests, thereby reducing daily physician interruptions.
  • This allows you to see more patients a day.
  • Provide the non-insured patient with medications that cost substantially less than the retail pharmacy.
  • Our dispensing programs allow you to increase the economics of your practice.
Let us illustrate how to unite with RCS and watch your revenue increase. Call us to Get Started!
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